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Everyone needs a website
I want to create yours


Website Build

A complete build, from start to finish. Your website's vision come to life

WordPress Customisation

Changes and tweaks to take your existing WordPress website to the next level

WordPress Management

Updates, content upload, site maintenance...and anything in between

Website Debugging

Systematic and thorough debugging. Any and all problems welcome

Website Design

Modern, attractive and responsive web design, created with a developers' eye

Unsure of what you need?
If you aren't sure which service best fits your needs, feel free to organise a consultation or a website audit to help discuss your options and determine how I can best help you.

Website Audit

£50.00 £99.00
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FREE £30.00/30mins
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Battersea & Bowery

MK Floortec


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Amazing work, quick to complete tasks and great communication throughout the contract.
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He made it simple to transform my company's identity into a legitimate website.
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Great web development service
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A pleasure to work with.
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Strongly recommend
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Excellent service as usual!
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Brilliant experience with Nick
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Nick always does a fabulous job!
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Nick is an excellent specialist!
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This was a great experience!
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I cannot recommend enough!
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Nick is clearly a WordPress expert.
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Excellent work!
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Goes above and beyond
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Nicholas was extremely diligent and communicative throughout the project.


Fixed Price

From £1000 (build)

Receive a quote for the full price of the work required. Perfect for first-time builds and one-off website amendments.


From £35/hour

Pay for the time required to complete the job. Ideal for small tasks such as design tweaks or content alterations.

Monthly Care Plan

From £300/month

Keep me on retainer for any work required on your website. This is great for long-term maintenence and ad-hoc work on fast-growing sites.


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